As a depositary bank we provide effective and robust depositary services for fund assets and related activities as required throughout a fund’s entire lifecycle. We offer cross jurisdictional services in regulated jurisdictions from our headquarters in Luxembourg and from our branches in Ireland and Malta.

Our skilled teams deliver a comprehensive full depositary and depo-lite services under UCITS and AIFM directives, to run seamlessly alongside your fund administration requirements. Our service is structured to accommodate and meet the nature, scale and complexity of your fund(s) and regulatory needs.



Assets under Depositary



Our Service include the following:

Recordkeeping of assets

  • Ensuring fund assets are properly recorded
  • Verification of initial and ongoing ownership of fund assets
  • Ensuring reconciliation of fund assets is properly performed

Conduct Due Diligence

  • Ongoing review of the ManCos and AIFMs
  • Ongoing review of certain delegates appointed by the fund or ManCo and AIFMs (e.g. Fund Administrator, Transfer Agent)

Cash Flow Monitoring

  • with the respect to a funds activities and the identification of large and unusual cashflows

Oversight and Controls

  • Ensuring that the subscription, redemption, and cancellation of fund units are carried out in accordance with the applicable law and the fund’s constitutional documents
  • Verifying that the value of fund units is calculated in accordance with applicable law and valuation rules
  • Verifying that each fund complies with its investment policies and applicable law and rules governing the fund (i.e. investment guideline monitoring)
  • Ensuring the timely settlement of fund transactions
  • Verifying that fund distributions are calculated and disbursed in accordance with the applicable law and rules governing the fund

Asset classes serviced

We have the ability and experience to service a vast range of regulated products;

  • Real estate funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Traditional funds
  • Funds of funds
  • Loan and debt funds
  • Infrastructure, renewable energy, aviation, timber & agriculture funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Shariah-compliant investment funds

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