Our digital banking platform is redefining expectations within the asset management and corporate sector by enabling clients to open bank accounts quickly and easily. Our digital banking services provide online banking solutions tailored to meet the needs of Asset Managers and SPVs, Family Offices, Corporate Firms and Trusts.


  • Bank account opening within 5 days of receiving the relevant documents
  • Desktop and mobile access 24/7
  • Multifactor authentication to enhance security
  • Multi-level payment approval to enhance control
  • Flexible single / bulk payment capabilities
  • Global multi-currency payments and FX
  • Fully integrated digital reporting and statements
  • Automated money market fund sweeps in three core currencies


  • Quick and easy onboarding procedure:
    Open a bank account within 5 days upon receipt of all required documents (includes KYC checks)
  • Account visibility and transparency:
    Consolidate your accounts in to one, easily accessible dashboard. Tailor your notifications; and transaction overview to gain instant visibility of required actions
  • Custom approval process:
    Tailor payment approval levels to your needs and set custom limits for your team
  • Flexible payments:
    Execute payments in multiple currencies as single or bulk payments using your preferred payment scheme such as SWIFT, SEPA, ACH or Faster Payments. In portal screening of data uploads enables review of errors before submission
  • Multicurrency:
    Enjoy flexible multi-currency services; hold cash balances in all 18 major currencies, transact Spot FX across digital balances, make external payments in 33 currencies

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